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Not all barns stand in fields; some lead in search results.

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Quick Start

For those eager to launch a website without diving into the specifics, you can share this link with your dealer and this will lead them to the sign-up process!

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Understanding Our Service

Product Overview
Our service offers a specialized website for dealers that integrates with the Old Hickory inventory system. This allows for easy uploading of inventory to display online. The websites are search engine optimized and can help a dealer show up locally!

In the world of digital marketing, being unseen is the same as being unsold.

Benefits to Dealers

  • Easy and quick setup
  • No technical skills required
  • Inventory online
  • Build trust with customers online before they show up in person and capture leads
  • Competitive pricing at just $99.99/month with no contracts required

Common Objections and Responses

Objection: Concern About Cost

Response: “I understand the concern about costs. However, consider this: selling just one or two barns a year through your website  will cover those costs. It’s an investment that pays for itself with minimal sales, making it a financially sound decision for your business.”

Objection: Complexity or Time Consumption:

Response: “The setup is neither complex nor time-consuming and the team is here to help!”

Objection: Customers aren't going to look at my inventory online. I don't need a website because all of my customers make their decisions when I sell to them in person.

Response: “I understand the hesitation; it might seem like all sales are done in person. However Having a website not only meets your customers where they are increasingly making their purchasing decisions but also provides you with a competitive edge. It showcases your products to a wider audience 24/7, increasing your chances of sales beyond traditional business hours. Essentially, not having a website today means missing out on potential sales opportunities and limiting your market reach. Customers who browse your inventory online before viewing it in person are generally more determined in their purchasing decisions.”

Let's Get Connected!

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